Selected Interviews with Me

Wordworks, April 2012 (PDF, pp. 30-33): "Where the Any-Angled Light Congregates"

Vancouver is Awesome, April 2012: "Read All Over"

Q+A with Lena Garabedian, January 2012: "The Other Side of Ourselves Interview"

Too Many Books in the Kitchen, June 2011: "Q&A: Rob Taylor, The Other Side of Ourselves"

Open Book Toronto, April 2011: "Poets in Profile: Rob Taylor"

Sad Mag, December 2009 (PDF, pp. 17-19): "One Voice: A Grassroots Initiative Revitalizes Ghana’s Poetic Tradition"

Desk Space, May 2009: "Rob Taylor"

Munyori Poetry Journal, November 2008: "Emmanuel Sigauke Interviews Rob Taylor"

Selected Interviews by Me with Others

Daniel Karasik, June 2013: "a subjectivity perceiving another subjectivity"

Al Rempel, May 2013: "between wanting and not having"

Susan Gillis, April 2013: "what isn't a travel poem?"

Nora Gould, July 2012: "new knowing"

Michael Lithgow, May 2012: "what time does to things"

Sandy Shreve, April 2012: "to give a form's refrain / a fighting chance"

Daniel Zomparelli, March 2012: "narrative seems like a straight people thing"

Daniela Elza, March 2012: "what is it we want from this long journey" and "the baby frogs would not stay put"

Fiona Tinwei Lam, October 2011: "hope too is an old and unusual growth"

You can read all my interviews (both with and by me), in one long list, here.