Below is a not-quite-exhaustive list of interviews I've been a part of, listed alphabetically by the last name of the interviewee (i.e. if you're looking for interviews in which others ask me questions, look under "Taylor, Rob").

bennett, andrea. silaron and PRISM internationa, June 2014.
Elza, Daniela (Part One). silaron, March 2012.
Elza, Daniela (Part Two). silaron, March 2012.
Gillis, Susan. silaron, April 2013.
Gould, Nora. silaron, July 2012.
Gruber, Adrienne. silaron, November 2011.
Hingston, Michael. silaron, September 2013.
Hunter, Aislinn. silaron, May 2011.
Janes, Mariner. silaron and PRISM international, December 2013.
Kae Sun. silaron, July 2011.
Karasik, Daniel. silaron, June 2013.
Lam, Fiona Tinwei. silaron, October 2011.
Lavorato, Mark. silaron, November 2012.
Levenson, Christopher. silaron and PRISM international, June 2014.
Lithgow, Michael. silaron, May 2012.
Parkes, Nii Ayikwei. One Ghana, One Voice, March 2011.
Rempel, Al. silaron, May 2013.
Saklikar, Renee. silaron and PRISM international, November 2013.
Sheffield, Derek. silaron, August 2013.
Shreve, Sandy. silaron, April 2012.
Taylor, Rob. (w/ Clara Kumagai). PRISM international, May 2014.
Taylor, Rob. (w/ Daniela Elza). Workworks Magazine, April 2012.
Taylor, Rob. (w/Liisa Hannus). Vancouver is Awesome, April 2012.
Taylor, Rob. (w/ Lena Garabedian). silaron, January 2012.
Taylor, Rob. (w/ Michael Hingston). Too Many Books in the Kitchen, June 2011.
Taylor, Rob. Open Book Toronto, April 2011.
Taylor, Rob. (w/ Deanne Beattie). Sad Mag, December 2009.
Taylor, Rob. (w/ Evie Christie). Desk Space, May 2009.
Taylor, Rob. (w/ Emmanuel Sigauke). Munyori Poetry Journal, November 2008.
Tucker, Diane. silaron and PRISM international, April 2014.
Zomparelli, Daniel. silaron, March 2012.

You can read all my interviews (both with and by me), in one long list, here.

If you're interested in having your new poetry book be the focus of one of my interviews, contact me.