Forthcoming Fall 2017

“Oh Not So Great”: Poems from the Depression Project is the culmination of a 5+ year research and poetry project I conducted in partnership with Drs. Patricia Gabriel and Josephine Lee, and a team of volunteers. It will be published by Leaf Press in Fall 2017.

The project consisted of a series of focus groups in which the group members, all of whom were living with depression, discussed their day-to-day lives, centring especially around their experiences of: sadness, poor sleep, loss of interest, guilt, low energy, poor concentration, abnormal appetite, psychomotor retardation/agitation, and suicidality (known by the medical acronym SSIGECAPS, an evaluative tool used by many doctors to diagnose depression).

From these focus groups I wrote a series of 30 poems, three each for each of the nine categories, with three additional poems. Each category includes one found poem, composed entirely using the group members’ words as found in the focus group transcripts.

Our hope is the book will be able to act as a bridge between patients, family members and physicians on a subject that so often engenders alienation and stigmatization.