The News


About The News

My second poetry collection, The News, was published by Gaspereau Press in September 2016. It's a series of 36 poems, written one per week written throughout my wife's pregnancy with our first son. As the back-page description puts it:

‘The news’ can mean many things, but first and foremost in this collection the news is—We’re having a baby! Starting in the fifth week of his wife’s pregnancy, Rob Taylor wrote a poem every week as they traveled toward their child’s birth. His poems anticipate the astonishing and yet commonplace beginning of a human life, but they also explore how a baby’s arrival streams into both the incessant chatter of the world’s daily news and into that other sort of news that literature carries—what Ezra Pound called “news that stays news”.

And here's what a couple reviewers have had to say:

"His charming and insightful blending of life and death, memories and premonitions, often catches the reader off guard with casual offhand profundity... Thanks to his poetic directness we are emotionally with him and his family all the way."

- Christopher Levenson, The Vancouver Sun

"While other works might choose either to be only a personal journal, or simply a critique of the state of the world and humanity, it is Taylor’s journey towards a more empathetic perspective that allows him to transcend both."

- Curtis Seufert, The Ubyssey

The News was shortlisted for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize in March 2017.

Poems from the book have been published in a number of print and online magazines, including Event, The Fiddlehead and The New Quarterly, where "Five Weeks" won an honourable mention in their Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse competition. You can read some of the poems from The News on the "Poems" page.

You can read a CBC article about the book, and listen to an interview with me, here

If you'd like a copy, I encourage you to order one from the your local independent bookstore, the Gaspereau Press website, or Amazon.

About The Other Side of Ourselves

My first collection, The Other Side of Ourselves, features fifty poems written between 2003 and 2010. It was published by Cormorant Books in April 2011, and went into a second printing in April 2012.
The Other Side of Ourselves was the Spring 2012 selection for the Vancouver Book Club, and a poem from the book ("Summer") was selected for inclusion in BC's Poetry in Transit program. Prior to publication, the manuscript for the book won the 2010 Alfred G. Bailey Prize.

"Rob Taylor’s debut collection, The Other Side of Ourselves... shows considerable talent and imagination... The best of Taylor’s poems are memorably fresh and startling in their simplicity and originality of perspective and approach. "

    - Gillian Harding-Russell, Prairie Fire

"Taylor won the 2010 Alfred G. Bailey Prize for an unpublished poetry manuscript. This resulting book is rich with promise... anyone who can write a good poem — as Taylor does — about writing bad poetry, is a poet of talent."

    - George Elliot Clarke, The Halifax Chronicle Herald

You can view Cormorant's page for the book here, and sample poems from the book can be read on the "Poems" page. I also blog about the book regularly, and you can follow my updates here.

If you'd like a copy, I encourage you to buy one from your local independent bookstore, or to order a copy in to their location if the book isn't currently in stock. You can also buy a copy online at or (or, for non-Canadians). 


About Łazienki Park (Fortcoming)

Łazienki Park is one long poem, or seven sequenced poems (your call!) set in the eponymous park in Warsaw, Poland, which is home to a famous statue of Frédéric Chopin.

It will be published in December 2017 by The Alfred Gustav Press as a bonus in their Winter 2017 chapbook line, and will be available by subscription only. A subscription to the Winter 2017 series can be purchased by following the instructions on the Alfred Gustav website.

About Smoothing the Holy Surfaces (Out of Print)

Smoothing the Holy Surfaces features five poems. It was published in November 2012 by The Alfred Gustav Press as a bonus in their November 2012 chapbook line, as part of their Holm Series.  

Smoothing the Holy Surfaces
was published as a limited run, and was available by subscription only. You can, however, read the opening poem from the chapbook, "You Ask Me About My Mother", here.

About Lyric (Out of Print)

Lyric is one long poem, an extended glosa (ten stanzas instead of four). It was published in November 2010 by The Alfred Gustav Press as part of a package with new chapbooks by Shane Neilson and Diane Tucker.  

was published as a limited run, and was available by subscription only. You can, however, read the chapbook's afterword here. The poem itself was republished in The Other Side of Ourselves (see above).

About Child of Saturday (Out of Print)

Child of Saturday features eleven poems written in 2006-07 while Marta and I lived in Accra, Ghana. Poems from the collection have appeared in The Antigonish Review, The Dalhousie Review, Munyori Poetry JournalThe New Chieftain Tongue and One Ghana, One Voice. A sample poem can be read here.

Child of Saturday was released in November 2008, and sold out in March 2010. All profits from sales went towards the operational costs of One Ghana, One Voice

"Child of Saturday is a formidable addition to the young writer’s canon... Taylor is a careful architect of the moment, building word upon word and line upon line so that the purpose and structure of each poem is only revealed in the final syllables... Piece by piece, Taylor is seemingly building a most meaningful and respectable literary career."

    - Deanne Beattie, The Peak

Because Child of Saturday is sold out, I have made the entire chapbook available for free online. You can read it here.

About splattered earth (Out of Print)

splattered earth features ten poems written following a 2002 trip to China. It was originally published in March 2006 and sold out in March 2011. Poems from splattered earth have appeared in Blue Skies Poetry, iamb, and High Altitude Poetry. A sample poem can be read here.
"I can't usually read regular poetry. It makes my vision blur and / or my eyes cross. When I received Rob Taylor's travel poems I wasn't excited... But here's the thing. I liked them much much more than I thought I would. His beat... satisfies and intensifies the culture he is trying to translate, or rather, absorbs it. The poems are sincere and everyman."

    - Laura McCoy, Broken Pencil

""Foreigner" and "The Cops in Hong Kong" are worth the cover price alone. splattered earth should particularly appeal to travellers, but it's a delightful read for any lover of unpretentious poetry."

    - Leopold McGinnis, Red Fez