Writing Services

I provide a number of services to new writers. On this page I outline my services in regards to three of the most common requests I receive:

Manuscript Consultation
Classroom Workshops and Readings
Public Readings

My rates are competitive and I will do my best to find a way to work with anyone who is interested, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

Manuscript Consultation

I have been editing online and print poetry publications for the past eight years, and I have judged poetry contests (most recently the Pandora's Collective Hibernating with Words 2012). Currently  I am an auxiliary editor with the Booming Ground manuscript consultation program.

Personally, I've had continued success in publishing my work in journals, magazines and anthologies, and in winning contests and awards for my poems and manuscripts. You can get more details on this from by bio page.

What you can't learn from my bio page is that I've had over 300 different poems rejected a total of 1200 times. In other words, I understand how daunting a task it is for a new writer to get their work out there, and am eager to pass on what I've learned.

I am interested in reading poetry manuscripts of whatever size, from a handful of poems to a book-length collection. I can provide feedback in two different forms, detailed (in which I provide line-by-line edits) and overview (in which I make general notes about sequencing, stronger/weaker poems, emerging themes, etc. This choice is usually suitable only for near-completed manuscripts).

In either case I will provide tips and information on submitting to journals and publishers, and on managing your submissions. I can also suggest which venues might best suit your work, and can provide a "suggested reading" list of poets whose work might be of interest to you.

In addition to a physical copy of the edited work, my feedback can be provided in writing or over the phone (or if you live in Vancouver, in person).

Rates are negotiable, and will vary depending on the detail of the editing and the length of the manuscript. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me with a query letter and a few sample poems, so I can see if we'll be a good fit.

Classroom Workshops and Readings

I give both poetry readings and poetry workshops with high school students. The poetry readings are best aimed to Grade 11 and 12 students, while the workshops go well with Grades 9 and up. I would be open to running my poetry workshops with adult writing groups.

Here's what some students have had to say about my visits:

“Unique experience, enjoyed the presentation, as I learned about many types of poetry.”

“It was inspiring. He talked about how he succeeded through his determination and love for poetry. I find it really hard to make one poem and the fact that he made a book inspired me to follow what I want to do.”

“Yesterday was different than I expected because my idea of a poet is someone a bit older and more either artsy or depressedish, someone who wears a lot of scarves or something.”

My rates for visits are negotiable, and vary depending on how many classes and students are involved, travel costs, etc. Contact me if you'd like more information.

Public Readings

I have given poetry readings and presentations across Canada (ok, I've only made it as far as Quebec - c'mon Maritimes!). You can apply for funding to have me attend your event through The Writers Union of Canada's National Public Readings Program. If that isn't possible for you, contact me and we can negotiate a rate. I will often read for free if I'm in the neigbourhood.