Launching in Victoria Nov 17th and Vancouver November 18th!

In 2002, Nightwood Editions published Where the Words Come From: Canadian Poets in Conversation, a successful first-of-its-kind collection of interviews with the likes of Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Margaret Avison, Patrick Lane, Lorna Crozier and P.K. Page, conducted by “the younger generation” of poets of the day. Sixteen years later, I’m honoured to bring together two younger generations of poets to engage in conversations with their peers on modern-day poetics, politics, and more. Together they explore the world of Canadian poetry in the new millenium: what’s changed, what’s endured, and what’s next.

Featuring conversations and poems by:

Elizabeth Bachinsky and Kayla Czaga
Tim Bowling and Raoul Fernandes
Dionne Brand and Souvankham Thammavongsa
Marilyn Dumont and Katherena Vermette
Sue Goyette and Linda Besner
Steven Heighton and Ben Ladouceur
Sina Queyras and Canisia Lubrin
Armand Garnet Ruffo and Liz Howard
Karen Solie and Amanda Jernigan
Russell Thornton and Phoebe Wang
Afterword co-written by Nick Thran and Sue Sinclair



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“With authors such as Raoul Fernandes, the book shows its readers not only that the poets are doing things, but also that they’re doing it in style.”

– Brittany Thomson, The Source Newspaper

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